ancient wisdom base carrier oil vitamin e dilute essential oils

Ancient Wisdom Base Carrier Oil - Vitamin E

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Ancient Wisdom Base Carrier Oil - Vitamin E

  • Vitamin E Mineral Oil, Also known as Triticum Vulgare
  • Originated from Germany
  • Cold pressed from primary sources
  • Tested for purity and contains 100% Pure oil
  • Ideal for diluting an essential oil before using on your skin, this ensures your skin is protected from the strength of the essential oil purity
  • Sold in 50ml glass bottles that can be recycled after use

What are Carrier Oils?

Base carrier oils don't usually have a scent and are used to dilute Essential Oils for therapeutic purposes, widely used in Aromatherapy as a natural remedy. Largely bought for massage therapy as well as manufacturing beauty cosmetics, skincare & haircare products. Ancient Wisdom sources these carrier oils from all over the world for the best quality natural Base oils.

Please do not use internally
Keep out of reach of children and pets
Made in production area that uses nuts