Starting the conversation: BurnMyMood Podcast

Finding Your Voice: Navigating Your Twenties with Burn My Mood Podcast

Are you navigating the exciting yet sometimes chaotic landscape of your twenties? Then the BurnMyMood Podcast, hosted by the relatable and unfiltered Jai Vicky, might just be your new go-to companion.

More than just a podcast, BurnMyMood is a raw and honest exploration of what it means to be young, independent, and figuring it all out. Jai tackles real-life topics like self-discovery, mental health, relationships, creativity and chasing your dreams, all with an open mind and a refreshing lack of sugar-coating.

Well... whilst oversharing way too much, but in this modern day who cares right? Some of you will find that hilarious!

What makes Burn My Mood stand out?

  • Unapologetically authentic: Jai isn't afraid to be herself, flaws and all. This vulnerability creates a genuine connection with her listeners, making them feel like they're not alone in their struggles.
  • Open-minded discussions: No topic is off-limits, and Jai encourages diverse perspectives. This fosters a safe space for listeners to explore their own thoughts and feelings.
  • Guest series: Season 2 features inspiring individuals sharing their life stories, goals, and journeys of independence, offering valuable insights and motivation.
  • Carefully chooses Interviews: Jai invites guests who inspire, influence and spark her creativity. Many guests are in the music industry, artists, travel enthusiasts and people who have that inspiring work ethic to create a better life for themselves!
  • Solo episodes: When it's just Jai, she delves deeper into personal experiences and reflections, providing a window into her own growth and self-discovery. She could talk for England so buckle up for long chatter and choose her playlist to help you fall asleep at night.

Who should listen?

BurnMyMood Pod is perfect for anyone in their twenties (or who remembers what it was like!), Gen Z and Millennials (well Jai fits better as a Zillennial) especially those navigating challenges like:

  • Finding their identity and purpose
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Prioritising mental health and well-being
  • Learning to be independent and confident
  • Embracing self-expression and authenticity

Beyond the podcast:

Burn My Mood extends beyond the audio episodes. You can connect with Jai and the community on social media for further discussions, inspiration, and updates. You can find Jai chatting away for hours on:

Currently her most popular episode, is "Series 1 Episode 13 - I quit smoking cannabis, I created an addiction." This episode is about her journey with grieving her old identity and learning how to create a whole new personality. 

Behind The Scenes:

Jai's podcast is self produced, up until now she has been completely winging it. All the work is done in house - literally! All filming, editing, producing, recording and publishing is done by her. Does that make her a control freak? Judge it yourself by giving her a listen and if you want to see the podcast develop more, go and subscribe!

Start by listening to a few episodes that resonate with your current interests. Whether you're seeking advice, validation, or simply a relatable voice on your journey, Burn My Mood might just become your twenties soundtrack.

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