Essential Oils

What is all the fuss about Essential Oils?

The use of these natural healing oils backdates to the Ancient Egyptian era. They used them as medicines, cosmetics and were valued so high, that they were offered in their religious ceremonies. Evidence that proves this practice, began with the discovery of distillation tools, estimated the year around 3500 BC.

Today the use of Essential Oils are known as Aromatherapy.

What are Essential Oils exactly?

Cold pressing machinery or a distillation process, extracts the plants individual oil and unique scent. The oil is extracted from different parts of the plants such as: leaves, stems, flowers, seeds, bark, roots, resins and fruit rinds.

Essential Oils are highly concentrated, due to their purity, you will use drops of the oil and it must be diluted with a carrier oil when using on skin, or with water when using with Oil Burners or Aromatherapy Diffusers & Humidifiers.

How does this benefit me?

I have discovered endless reports of the benefits of these natural plant based oils. Problem solving, natural remedies; for your skin irritation, controlling your emotions, hair treatment, sleeping problems, digestion, infections, libido and even tackling your mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Essential oils work on your limbic system which affects how you feel. These natural oils are incredibly therapeutic and relieving. A limbic system is a working operation in your brain that makes you feel different. Linking directly to your emotions, your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, your memory, stress and hormone balance. 

Practice traditional healing to ease stress and all that you worry about. To help you solely focus on spiritual and emotional relaxation.

Hook yourself, Monitor my upcoming blog posts

I will be detailing each Essential Oil, their characteristics and benefits. After all, Essential Oils are the best natural therapy which began my personal healing journey from anxiety and trouble falling asleep. I thank Chamomile Oil & Lavender Oil for bringing my alternative therapy dream to life, without the pressure to use Pharmaceuticals.

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